If you’re looking for a new water tank, you’ve definitely come to the right place. As distributors for Taylex, Waterbank Tanks & Plumbing have one of the widest ranges of plastic and concrete rain water tanks on the Sunshine Coast – in fact Taylex is arguably the largest producer of concrete rainwater tanks in Australia.

Which rain water tank is best for you…concrete or poly  plastic?

Naturally it all depends on your budget, the accessibility of your site, whether you want your tanks above or below ground, what they are being used for, what capacity is needed, how much room you have on your property, and whether  or not the tanks will be driven over.

Here are the benefits of both types in a nutshell.

Waterbank Concrete Water Tanks:

  • Won’t burn, bend or buckle
  • Natural insulation
  • More concrete than other brands, therefore stronger
  • Reinforced walls, lids & bases
  • Longer lasting
  • 15 year warranty
  • Available in 5000l, 10000l, 15000l, 22000l and 31500l sizes.

Waterbank Poly Rain Water Tanks:

  • Thicker walls & bases
  • Heavier/stronger than most other poly tanks
  • Food grade polyethylene
  • 10 year warranty on urban plastic range/ 20 year warranty on rural plastic range
  • Full range of 16 contemporary colours
  • Available in 500l and 1250l (slimline); 3000l, 5000l & 10000l (urban); 23000l (squat) and 24000l sizes.