Rainwater Harvesting

Here at Waterbank Tanks we specialize in getting the right rainwater harvesting system for your block type and budget.

We meet you onsite and discuss the best positioning of your rainwater tank

We supply and install concrete and poly above and below ground systems

We can advise you on the amount of rainwater storage to suit your house hold

We can advise you on the correct pump to suit your household

Download the Taylex Rainwater Tank Solutions brochure here

Did you know…

  • That 1 mm of rain per square meter of roof space = 1 Litre of water.
  • Sunshine Coasts average rainfall is 1455 mm per annum
  • 1445X200 square meter roof = 289 000 Litres of water per annum.

So let us help you Save as much water as you can its like money in the bank!


Pre-cast Concrete Rainwater Tanks